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Where did our story start?

Starting out working at Coles as a Manager, Alex Polglaze helped under performing stores increase their profits. During this time, he discovered that he had a passion for helping businesses succeed.
Eight years later, Alex left Coles to do a role swap with his wife, Karen. Staying at home to look after the children, it wasn’t long before he discovered how hard home duties were. So, in 1984, Alex decided to start The Book-Keeping Network to help businesses succeed, and pay for a cleaning lady!

Over 30 years of putting businesses in the good books

More than 34 years later, The Book-Keeping Network is still putting businesses in the good books, and the cleaning lady is still being paid!
During this time, we have helped many business owners overcome the single biggest cause of business failure- lack of accurate record-keeping.
Committed to helping businesses succeed, we were the third company in Australia to offer electronic banking and continue to update our industrial grade software to meet the changing needs of our clients and the requirements of the Australian Tax Office.
We are also proud to have developed into a family business with Karen and both daughters involved.

Where to next?

Over the years, we have discovered that many financial reports are inaccurate. In response, we have developed a new area of book-keeping called ‘Forensic Book-Keeping’.
Forensic book-keeping allows us to uncover inaccurate data so that you stay in the good books. If data entry operators do not fully understand reports or software has been incorrectly set up, accountants run the risk of using incorrect figures to produce financial reports.
We can now step in and undertake relatively inexpensive verification in the first instance before your data is sent to accountants. What’s more, this new area of book-keeping allows us to carry out Due Diligence for the sale or purchase of businesses and verify the accuracy of reports when applying for finance. With over 30 years of putting businesses in the good books, we are here to help with all your book-keeping and data management needs.

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