Our wide range of services help you run a successful business

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How can we help you run a successful business?

Whether you are a small to medium business, government agency, charity or not-for-profit organisation, our book-keeping and data management services can help you run a successful business. Offered on a modular basis, our services can work alongside any book-keeping system.

When it comes to your business’ book-keeping and finances, we are experts at setting up and managing your office systems, paperwork flow and filing systems. Our wide range of services can help put your business in the good books.


Our Debtors system keeps a record of what your customers owe and gives you:

  • Up-to-date information on your stock levels, so you can manage your stock
  • Detailed analysis of what your salespeople are selling and to whom
  • Comprehensive review of what you are selling according to category type, product type, and/or location
  • GST collection


Our Creditors system keeps you informed about what you owe your suppliers and also:

  • Records how much you are spending and analyses where it is being spent
  • Calculates GST that you have paid
  • Itemises costings for individual jobs
  • Shows retention amounts for part-payments withheld as per contract terms

General Ledger

The General Ledger collates information gathered from your Debtors, Creditors, Payroll and other sources to produce financial reports. These financial reports are used by accountants to prepare your Tax Return.
The Divisional General Ledger can handle multiple sites or cost centres and produce individual Profit and Loss Reports for each centre, as well as consolidated reports for the entire operation.


If your business employs staff, we can calculate your PAYG Tax Liability and Superannuation Guarantee Levies. We can also accurately record your employees’ leave accruals for Annual Leave, Sick Leave and Long Service Leave.

Forensic book-keeping

Our Forensic Book-Keeping service can be used for auditing, due diligence when purchasing a business, application for finance or analysing your business’ performance. We can analyse the financial records of a business to verify their accuracy or alert you to potential errors.

Small Business Advice

BKN offers a small business advisory service providing guidance and assistance when establishing a new business:

  • How to apply for an ABN
  • How to register for GST
  • How to register as a Charity or a Not for Profit organisation with ACNC (if applicable)
  • How to organise your cash flow and debt management
  • How to optimise book-keeping systems to maximise the benefits to your business.
  • How to develop processes to provide efficient operation of your business
  • Ensuring that all legal requirements are being attended to by the most suitable people:
    • Business structure
    • Licences and permits
    • Trademarks
    • Applying for finance
    • Insurances
    • Web sites.
  • How to apply for and obtain finance for your business

Are you ready to be in the good books?